Kenny’s Cooking Catastrophies

“Just tell me what I’m supposed to do!!!!”

My senior year of highschool, my mom decided that I needed to learn to cook. Unfortunately, I was stubborn and did not want to learn. Additionally, it was frustrating for me. Our conversations would go like this:

“Put some oil in the pan.”
“How much?”
“Just a little bit.”
“Like, a cup?”
“Figure it out! Now once you have oil, chop up the onions and saute them.”
“How small do I cut the onions?
How hot does the pan have to be?

What I wanted was a cookbook for dummies—something that would explain exactly how to do what I was supposed to do. Something I could follow, and then know that I’d end up with a good (or at least edible) result.

Life is confusing, frustrating, and overwhelming at times. We have so many different people telling us what’s important and how to live. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a “Life Cookbook”? Something that you were confident in—that if you followed it’s instructions, you’d for sure end up with something good, or even wonderful?

Here’s the amazing news: God, the Creator of the universe and the Inventor of life, has written a book. And in that book, he’s given the recipe to the good life—life as it’s meant to be lived.

David, an ancient King of the nation of Israel had discovered this. That’s why he writes, “My soul is consumed with longing for your laws at all times” (Ps 119:20). It seems weird that anyone would long for laws, right? But once we understand God’s laws not as rules to keep us from fun things, but instead as a recipe for really achieving the good life, then we start to understand what David meant when he talks about his desire for God’s laws.

At FreeRunners retreat this October, we’ll be exploring God’s book, the Bible, and discovering it’s ways (or recipes). Hopefully, we’ll get a taste (pun TOTALLY intended) of what David knew—just how sweet God’s Word is.

Sign up today! Hope to see you at retreat!!!

Posted in Encounter 2015.