Why is Retreat More Expensive this Year?

You probably noticed that retreat fees have gone up this year.

The change in price is due to a change in venue. Silver Pearl Garden (which is actually the corporate retreat center for the bank ICBC) has hosted our retreats for many, many years, but they now have new management who have decided that only ICBC-related events can now be held there.

When we found this out, we immediately started looking for alternate venues, but with the October holiday, most of our other options were either booked up or their workers were gone on vacation. Our tireless volunteers (thank you so much Lilly and Ben!) spent countless hours researching, scouting out venues, and negotiating prices with many different venues.

Thankfully we were able to reserve Sun Island Resort. Their prices are quite high (standard room rate is 1500 per night) but we were able to negotiate for a better price.

Cost per student for the entire retreat is approximately 1500rmb. Thanks to the generous donations from each of the participating fellowships, we have been able to set the early bird registration fee at 1300rmb.

If you would like to see all our costs, feel free to write Kenny at soar247@gmail.com and he can send you our estimated cost breakdown for retreat.

Currently, we are in need of donations to help with scholarships for needy students and counselors. If you would like to invest in sending a student to a potentially life-changing weekend, please contact your youth leader or Kenny at soar247@gmail.com and we can match you with someone in need!