Silver Pearl Garden

Silver Pearl Garden is located in the western part of Shanghai’s Qingpu district. Associated with ICBC, it is a conference center and has hosted youth retreats many times in the past. It is a quiet location on Dianshan lake, with lots of greenery as well as open areas for people to walk around.

While the venue has hotel rooms, youth stay in one of the many villas there. Each villa has three floors, and each floor has 3 rooms (in most villas, anyway). Two of the rooms on each floor also feature a living room/lounge area, where the students can hang out.

The retreat starts at 7pm on Friday, March 20th. Please arrive before 7pm (6:30 would be better) to get checked in.
The retreat ends around 3pm on Sunday, March 22nd.

There are buses available for people to take at the beginning and end of the retreat.

1555 Jinshang Gonglu
Phone: 59287000 ext 6888, 8666