Encounter 2014

This year, Encounter will be a little bit different from what’s happened in the past. For one, we have not one, but four different speakers, men that love the youth of Shanghai very much and will pour their hearts out to you. They will share with you the love of Christ, but they will not be satisfied with only a warm fuzzy feeling at the end – Encounter is only the beginning.

One Hope, One Heart
Shanghai Youth Retreat
Ages 12-18
October 1-3, 2014
Shanghai, China

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750 RMB until Sept. 17
950 RMB until Sept. 24
Registration closes Sept. 24th

If you are an early bird (750 RMB), pay on or before Sept. 21st or pay an additional 50 RMB late fee.
If you are a late bird (950 RMB) pay on or before Sept. 28th or pay an additional 50 RMB late fee.
Early birds will pay a 100 RMB late fee if they pay at the retreat.
So please make sure you turn in your payment (along with your permission form) early!!